Former Commander in London’s Metropolitan Police Service – told he may have been target

Ali Dizaei - Former Police Commander
Ali Dizaei – Former Commander in London’s Metropolitan Police

An Introduction

Jamshid Ali Dizaei (born 1962 in Tehran, Iran) is a previous Commander in London’s Metropolitan Police Service, Iranian-conceived with double nationality, and previously one of Britain’s more senior Muslim cops. Dizaei came to noticeable because of his frank perspectives on racial segregation in the London Metropolitan Police and different claims of misbehaviour on his part.

He had gotten progression after his analysis of the power following his cases of prejudice. He was a continuous media commentator on an assortment of issues, basically concerned with nationality and religion. In April 2008, he was elevated to Commander, liable for West London.

In August 2008, he was given the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal by the Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair. Dizaei turned into the President of the National Black Police Association in 2008.

Ali Dizaei – London Metropolitan Police Officer

On 8 February 2010, he was sentenced in the Crown Court before Mr Justice Simon on charges of debasing the course of equity and of wrongdoing in a public office, and was imprisoned for a very long time. He had been suspended on full compensation since September 2008, and on 31 March 2010 was officially excused from the Metropolitan Police.

On 16 May 2011, Dizaei’s allure against this conviction was fruitful and the conviction was suppressed, yet after a retrial in 2012, he was again viewed as at legitimate fault for distorting the course of equity and of wrongdoing in a public office. He was condemned to three years’ detainment. On 15 May 2012, he was excused from the Metropolitan Police. Dizaei pursued once more, however on 14 February 2013 his allure was excused. The Lord Chief Justice said that ‘the blameworthy decision was completely defended’ and that the conviction ‘was and stays safe’.

Fight for Justice

Mr. Dizaei has been told by Metropolitan police detectives that he could have been a victim of phone hacking by the News of the World. On this Dizaei said he was “shocked and appalled” after detectives told him his police phone may have been hacked. He said the phone that may have been targeted was used for police business, according to a BBC report.

Mr. Dizaei said he will sue the paper’s publisher, News International subsidiary News Group Newspapers, if it can be shown his phone was hacked. In this situation, he became the latest of more than two dozen public figures to do so.

Ali Dezaei – Faced trial in Crown Court

Won the Case & Rejoin Scotland Yard

Court of appeal rules new evidence ‘significantly discredits’ principal witness in former police chief’s trial last year

According to an article published by “The Guardian” on 16 May 2011.” – Ali Dizaei, the former police chief whose convictions for corruption were quashed on 16 May, 2011, walked out of prison and vowed to rejoin Scotland Yard.

Dr. Ali Dizaei in a Press Conference

Full article can be checked here: Ali Dizaei vows to rejoin Scotland Yard after corruption charges are quashed | Ali Dizaei | The Guardian

Career highs and lows

March 1999 Joins the Met as a superintendent. Tipped as a rising star.
July 1999 Investigation by Scotland Yard anti-corruption squad begins.
January 2001 Suspended from duty.
September 2003 Acquitted by an Old Bailey jury of misconduct charges.
October 2003 Met reinstates Dizaei in deal after government pressure.
April 2004 Promoted to chief superintendent then commander in 2008.
June 2008 Assistant commissioner Tarique Ghaffur announces he will sue for racial discrimination
September 2008 Dizaei suspended from duty again.

November 2008 Ghaffur withdraws allegations after an out-of-court settlement.
May 2009 Dizaei charged over alleged false arrest of Waad al-Baghdadi.
March 2011 Al-Baghdad arrested over alleged benefit fraud.
May 2011 Dizaei’s conviction quashed but appeal court orders retrial.
February 2012 Rape allegation ‘brushed off’ by Met police, claims woman”

Personal Life

He was married in August 1986 in Reading, Berkshire to Natalie Downing. He has three children by her; Kamran, Kayvon, and Kourosh. Dizaei and Downing were hitched for quite a long time, separating in 2005.

Dr. Ali Dezaei with his wife Shy Dezaei

His present spouse is Shahameh, known as Shy, whom he wedded in August 2007 in Ealing. They have one child Erfan.

Books on His Life

A book by Nitza Brown

Originally a supporter of political correctness, Nitza Brown describes in this thought-provoking book what made her change her views.

In this gripping, objective investigation into modern policing, former BBC journalist Nitza Brown uses the case of Ali Dizaei to show the paralysing effect political correctness is having on top police officers.
This book can be found here: Buy The Case of Ali Dizaei: How Political Correctness is Paralysing Policing Book Online

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